Cree Code Talker Still.jpg

Cree Code Talker

Director: Alexandra Lazarowich
14 minutes

Cree Code Talker is the first ever film that tells the story of the Canadian Cree code talker Charles ‘Checker’ Tomkins who fought in the Second World War. Digging deep into the US archives it depicts the true story of Charles’ involvement with the US Air Force and the development of the code talkers communication system, which was used to transmit crucial military communications, using the Cree language as a vital secret weapon in combat. Using WWII archival footage, Charles’s surviving brothers Frank and James Tomkins interviews, and a 2004 Smithsonian voice recording of Charles Tomkins this film explores the rich history of the Canadian Code Talkers. 

Playing: Saturday, November 26 | 9:30pm
Towne 8 Cinema | 301 Notre Dame Avenue