How a People Live

Directed by: Lisa Jackson
60 Minutes

A one-hour documentary tracing the history of the Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw First Nation, who the Canadian government forcibly relocated from their traditional territories on the coast of British Columbia in 1964. Candid and moving interviews, striking archival films and photos dating back over 100 years, and a visit to their stunning "Homelands" bring to life the story of a people known for their theatrical dances, their strong connection to the land, and the strength that has enabled them to overcome incredible hardships, including disease, residential school and having their villages burned down. In 1970, a former
Indian Agent wrote a controversial book he said was based on the lives of these people and titled it, "How a People Die." Forty years later, this film shows us their traditional life and culture as well as the traumas that threatened to destroy them, to see how a people live.

Playing: Friday, November 25 | 7:00pm
Towne 8 Cinema