The Northlander

Director: Benjamin Ross Hayden
98 Minutes
Manitoba Premiere

In the year 2961, nature has reclaimed the land and the small remote village of Last Arc is threated by the Heretics, a merciless group of raiders. In a desperate attempt to save her people from annihilation, Nova, a matriarch and seer (played by award-winning actress Michelle Thrush), calls upon a lone and complicated hunter, Cygnus (Corey Sevier), to find the answers to their survival. As Cygnus leaves his wooded homeland, embarking upon a perilous journey through the desert, his encounter with the vicious leader of the Heretics, Torki (Julian Black Antelope), could mean his certain doom. But hope lies with his newfound ally, the lone huntress Mari (Roseanne Supernault), and together they begin an epic journey and a race against time to unlock some of earth’s deepest secrets in a desperate attempt to save Last Arc and lead their people to a new way of life. With extraordinary art direction and a star-studded cast that includes Nathaniel Arcand, Benjamin Ross Hayden’s debut feature is a futuristic nail-biting heroic drama of survival and self-discovery.

Playing: Friday, November 25 | 6:00pm
Towne 8 Cinema | 301 Notre Dame Avenue