This River

Directed by Katherena Vermette
18 minutes

This river has received the Coup de coeur du jury award at the 2016 Montréal First Peoples Festival. Kyle Kematch and Katherena Vermette have both experienced the heartbreak of losing a loved one. Kyle has a sister who went missing over five years ago. He now works with Drag the Red, a volunteer organization that searches the Red River for clues relating to missing members of the Indigenous community. Katherena is a poet and writer whose work stems from a family tragedy that happened over 20 years ago. Though their stories are different, they each exemplify the beauty, grace, resilience, and activism born out of the need to do something.
Katherena Vermette (Métis) is a writer of poetry, fiction and children’s literature. Her first book, North End Love Songs, won the 2013 Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry and was the 2015 selection for On the Same Page, Manitoba’s province-wide book club. Her work has appeared in several literary magazines and anthologies. Vermette lives, works and plays in Winnipeg.

Playing: Sunday, November 27 | 1:00pm
Towne 8 Cinema | 301 Notre Dame Avenue