Three Wise Cousins

Directed by: Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa
New Zealand
89 Minutes

Manitoba Premiere
Adam is a 22 year old New Zealand born Samoan guy who falls for Mary. On a chance encounter he learns that Mary only wants to go out with a "real island guy" - not a plastic one. Adam realizes that to get rid of this plastic ways and impress Mary, he’ll have to travel to Samoa and have his cousins teach him how to be a real island guy. This Comedy feature was made on an $80,000 budget and has made more than 2 million at the box office to date! The Director of this film worked four jobs to save money so that he could follow his dream of making this movie.

Playing: Thursday, November 24 | 7:15pm
Towne 8 Cinema | 301 Notre Dame Avenue